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Caucasian Mountain Dog

     Apart from being a top protector, every proper Caucasian has to be a good fighter, too, to be able to fight wolves, which is one of his original qualities – the inherent part of his character. But he should also be able to fight the other dogs to preserve his tendency to dominate over them.
     We have seen many exemplary dog fighting videos of how Caucasian Ovcharka (and Central Asian Ovcharka) can defeat or at least successfully defend against various breeds of dog, considered to be best in dog fighting like AmStaff (American Staffordshire Terrier), Bullmastiff (Bull Mastiff), English Bull Terrier, Great Dane, Neapolitan Mastiff (Mastino Napoletano), Pitbull (American Pit Bull Terrier), Rottweiler, Tibetan Mastiff and Tosa Inu.
     If the Caucasian was to compare his fighting power with the most combative breeds of dog in natural environment, where all the participating dogs would be tired from long walkings, only given a lower amount of food, if it was in a cold weather and similarly, the Caucasian would win in the absolute majority of times. And even if the most combative breeds of dog fight the Caucasian in the conditions most beneficial to them, despite this they are often losing.
     Generally, these fighting breeds are missing almost all the important qualities, which the Caucasian owns: the sense to recognize and then hit the opponent's weakest place, good and thick coat that protects well, both heavy and extremely quick body, ability and willingness to defeat not only wolves but also human enemies, resistance against bad weather, good social feeling to stop the fight in time without killing the other dog etc. Have you already understood the difference that makes the Caucasian superior to them all?
     Caucasian Ovcharka must preserve its dominant tendencies and its ability to fight the wolves. From this reason, it has to participate on such events like “Тестовые испытания волкодавов” (The Testing Examination of Wolfhounds), where every young Caucasian is allowed to fight the other Wolfhounds to test (and thereby also train) his fighting ability and to display a behavior that should be typical to a Wolfhound. It makes possible to choose the best dogs to participate on breeding.
     In case of the CO, the TE (testing examination) is little less topical than in the case of the other Wolfhounds (since this breed is mainly used against human enemies), nevertheless still topical at all times (since it is a Wolfhound and often used like one too).

     These dogs need fighting tests to preserve their ability to fight and to test their character (Caucasian Championship 2007 by Utro-2):


     (Because protection work [fight against human enemies] is the first-place merit of this breed, so even though it also needs some dog fighting [fight against other dogs and wolves], we let this dog fight only two times - because of the effect of a repeated fighting experience - when he is at least two years old [in order to test him before he will start to breed the bitches]. Please avoid often participation on this event since then your dog could develop his aggression toward the other dogs too much at the expense of his aggression toward strange people.)

     As for this fighting test and laws, the testing examination is banned in many countries. Even in the Russian Federation it is banned in quite a few regions, too, whereas in others it freely continues and is kept as a tradition, which has its right for life.

     The fighting test is one of the best and irreplaceable means how to prevent the Caucasian Ovcharka from its degradation:



     It is said that on the West the fighting spirit of Wolfhounds faded away long time ago already. Please never forget that the word Wolfhound consists of two words – Wolf and Hound, and the original Russian name is волкодав, which is he who strangles a wolf = such a dog that is able to fight and strangle a wolf. To be capable of this, he must be allowed to fight the other Wolfhounds in order to test and also develop himself in this "dog fighting", or better to say wolf fighting aspect.

     Here goes an excerpt from “Дрессировка отечественных волкодавов”, describing the degradation of the Caucasian Ovcharka in modern countries without the fighting test:

     "Эти духовные скопцы, сохранив внешний образ горной породы, могут выигрывать сколько угодно каких угодно выставок. Но в поединке с соперником сразу же проявится их неполноценность и уродство. Поэтому - да здравствуют испытания!"

     “These mental castrates, keeping the external appearance of the mountain breed, can be winning as many dog shows as you like. But in the fight with the opponent, their insufficiency and crippleness will immediately display itself. Therefore let's greet the test!”

     Above all, the Western world is against this type of dog testing and through this attitude it spoils almost all the Caucasians that live on its territory. If these dogs won't be allowed to undergo the fighting test, the breed will start to degenerate. It is perfectly described by two well-known proverbs (“Дрессировка отечественных волкодавов”):

     "Тестовик - это от Бога. Не пытайтесь его заменить!"

     "The test is from the God. Don't try to replace it!"

     "Охранная работа и «тесты» являются той опорой, на которой держится кавказец (и азиат). Убери ее - и с лица Земли исчезнет волкодав!"

     "Protection work and «tests» are the support, thanks to which preserves Caucasian (and Asian). Remove it - and a Wolfhound will disappear from the surface of the Earth!"

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     Legal disclaimer: This is educational writing that only represents the personal and subjective opinion of its author. His view on this breed of dog and related information does not fully match the officially-valid opinion of the country of its origin and is not any recommendable instruction how to treat these dogs. The author does not warrant or assume any responsibility for the damage caused to anyone by using of and/or manipulation with this writing and he does not warrant the completeness, trueness, safety or usefulness of any information introduced in it. As for the quality of the language and translations posted in this writing, it is amateurish work only that can contain some errors. Please note that regardless of what is said within this writing, everybody must obey all the applicable laws. It is also valid for dog fighting that is forbidden in the majority of countries and on the territory of which it must not be arranged.